Apr 012013

Isn’t it fun? today I swapped dresses with Lizzie on the next boat; she’s the one with the Cos’s orange pippins and I’m the one with the grapefruits. I was going to say melons, but that’s taking it too far.
We’ve both been having a clearout only when we get down to it, she accepts stuff that I’m about to throw out, and I end up with stuff she’s getting rid of. Then on top of that we’re hanging out washing because the sun’s out and the wind is warm.
I tried on the dress she gave me; halter neck, perfect for a grapefruit girl. She tried on the top I swapped which turned out great for a pair of orange pippins. Isn’t nature grand? There’s something for everyone.
The great thing about today is that I finally finished editing Blood and Broomsticks. Had great fun with the last chapters. Couldn’t stop lingering over them. Leave it alone, I told myself. So I pressed send and got out a bottle of red wine. I shall now leave it to breathe. Anything is best matured – including me.
Looking forward to flying back at the end of the month for the Bristol Libraries Lizzie Lane event. Looking forward even more to the 10th of July and the official launch of the Honey Driver paperback at Toppings in Bath and seeing friends.
The washing’s dry which means that wine is just about right too. I know it’s an odd logic, but it’s my logic – and my wine! xlol