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ISBN-10: 1909520195
ISBN-13: 9781909520196
Goodreads: 17655719

Author(s): Publisher: Accent Press (UK)
Published: 6/27/2013

Honey Driver runs a hotel in Bath. She also collects antique underwear. As boss, she's in charge one day and washing dishes the next, resisting her mother's match-making attempts and managing multiple responsibilities - mundane, safe, and unexciting. Then one day things change. Honey lands the job of liaising with the police on behalf of Bath Hotels Association. No worries, she tells herself. Nothing will happen; then an American tourist goes missing and Honey is called in to help. Despite the on/off hostility of her police opposite number, D C I Steve Doherty, she sticks to the task. In the process Honey finds out that there's more to work than washing dishes, and more to murder than malice aforethought.

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